1. The purpose of competition is to build the friendship and cooperation in learning.
2. The tournament permits inter-group competition and cooperation, but prohibits private collusion to attack opponents, disruption of other groups' operations by issuing false information, insulting opponents. Serious cases will be disqualified.
3. Change of team leader, team member or lead teacher: all changes can be made before drawing lots, but not after.
4. During the competition, participants shall ensure that the equipment and network used are in function. In the event of disconnections, server crashes and other conditions that prevent the contest from proceeding, the contestant shall immediately inform the referee, who shall suspend the contest. When connection is re-established, the referee will end the suspension and the contest will continue.
5. Normally the competition will proceed from the second year to the seventh (virtual) year. If the game cannot be operated normally due to some unavoidable reasons, the referee may decide whether the game should be restarted. If a restart is necessary, participants will need to select a new class.
6. Do not attack the competition system or rewrite the system data, and please do not make api calls to manipulate data, otherwise the group will be disqualified and the accounts involved will be closed.